I save your time

by getting things done

Do you need a badass COO / OBM / Executive Assistant / Project Manager

who has a soft spot for organising workflows and systems,

and just loves to get things done? (I know you do!)

I am here for you!

Hi there! I'm Yana
I like solving tricky problems by keeping data organized, creating clear processes, and making sure everyone in the company, including founders and departments, communicates well.
I bring over 13 years of valuable experience in Event Management as a Project Manager and in the Film Industry as a 1st Assistant Director. My specialisation lies in expertly organising teams of varying scales and optimising operational processes for enhanced efficiency.
In addition to my natural-born love for organisation & structure, I have acquired extensive experience in diverse fields.
This enables me to gain a deeper understanding of all underlying and back-end processes, facilitating more effective team management.
Graphic Design, Websites Building, Copywriting, Business Efficiency Audit
(based on customer experience and quality control). Film Industry: handling all pre-production and filming processes, such as setting up the team, managing departments, scheduling shooting days, and running film sets.
Over the past 13 years, I have provided unwavering support to numerous creators, directors, managers, and executives on their path to realising their dreams.
By taking control of back-end operations, I enable visionaries to dedicate their focus solely to their favorite process - creation.
I believe that open and honest communication, teamwork, and a willingness to collaborate can lead anyone to success. Let's begin!
I'm always looking forward to new opportunities, collaborations and interesting projects.
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