Work with me!
I help entrepreneurs and business owners save precious time by simplifying operations, handling management tasks, and removing bottlenecks in their teams, workflows, and client interactions, so they can focus on realising the company's full potential and greater vision.
Are you stuck in the weeds of micromanaging instead of scaling your business?
I find it fun!
Have brilliant ideas, but don’t know how to execute them?
I love helping creatives and founders to get things done!
Spending too long on admin tasks?
Admin tasks are my joy
Do you want the complex systems you’ve created for yourself and your team to be simpler?
I love making things simple, so even 6 y.o. can use it
Do you find it hard to communicate with your team and delegate tasks?
I love authentic relating and taking your brain and communicating it to your team in a way that they can understand it
Do you miss important meetings because things just don’t sync up in your calendar and get lost in all chats?
I’ll make sure you’ll never miss an opportunity again
Want to talk about challenges and focus on vital business matters?
Think of me as your whiteboard.
I'll organise, prioritise, and handle it, lightening your load.
Do you get overwhelmed by spreadsheets, and all the apps and tools you use?
Give me more spreadsheets to tidy up, that’s my thing
Examples of things I am happy to take care of:
High-Class Executive Assistance and Project Management
Team Training and Leadership
Workflow, SOPs, Time management and scheduling
Event management
Systems Optimization: Notion and Tech Systems,
File Management, Presentation Design and Delivery
Effective communication implementation, quality control
I'm always looking forward to new opportunities, collaborations and interesting projects.
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